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I want to compliment you on your nifty packaging. Very green. 

                                                                                                 Rick K., West Virginia

I gave your deodorant a real-life field test, on a 90°day, with high humidity - while working in the garden. By 3 PM I did the "smell" test, and I passed with flying colors. I love the jar, the pleasant scent, and the fact that it DOES NOT STING after shaving! I am age 58 and have never used a better deodorant. Thank you Lisa!

                                                                                                 Ann K., West Virginia

"Any time you’d like to give yourself a good scare, just read the list of ingredients on the products you use to clean – yourself or your house. I started using these products while going through chemo, and not only are they inexpensive, they work! A year has passed. Chemo is over, my clothes are clean, my house is clean, and I not only feel good, but I smell good too. And if having chemotherapy and menopause at the same time isn’t a true test of a deodorant, I don’t know what is. It worked perfectly.... Hoping to see a hand cream and shampoo soon, and will definitely be buying the insect repellent, which means good weather has finally arrived in the northeast. Thank you!"

Linda G., Massachusetts 


"I love your deodorant; it lasts all day and night. When you shower, it actually washes off without having to scrub yourself raw like with commercial brands."

Mimi A., Massachusetts 

"I have used the laundry detergent and my clothes smell so nice and they come out super clean. I live right next to a swamp and the bug spray works great, no mosquitos land on me. Thank you Lisa and "Things that Work."

Tina B., Massachusetts