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Vegetarian Sheepskin?

Yes, sheep are vegetarians. No, this does not describe a fluffy sheepskin rug. It does, however, describe a fleece made into a rug without taking the skin of a happy sheep. How? We and many others take a fitting fleece from their latest haircut, clean out the vegetation from their last romp in the meadow, and flip it over. All that carded fleece I described in a previous post is laid out in various patterns on the underside of the fleece and after it is wet down with soap added, much rubbing ensues. Hours of it. This felts the carded wool to the underside of the fleece and acts like skin to hold it together. Washing and spinning again take out most of the oil, debris, and sweat of the sheep and makes it ready for my next step. Because I am not great at the felting bit, I fortify the felting with hand tacking the 2 together in weak areas. It is brushed out, washed again, and shaken out to dry. The result is a12-hour labor of love throw rug or furniture cover that is unique, violence-free, and gorgeous!

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