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Good Sleep Tips

Try some of all of these:

  1. Set bedtime close to sundown

  2. Close down electronics 1 hour prior to bedtime

  3. Add exercise and fresh air to your day, preferably exercise in fresh air

  4. Journal, pray, or think about grateful moments

  5. Use a lavender spray on your bedding and in your sleep area

  6. Take a warm bath

  7. Keep the bedroom cool and dark

  8. Try a new pillow or mattress topper

  9. Use a body pillow for side sleeping or to prop up arms for back sleepers

  10. Drink chamomile, lemon balm, mugwort, or valerian tea mixes before bed

  11. Deep breathe, increasing time for each inhale and exhale up to 20 seconds

  12. Do gentle yoga or stretching before bed

  13. Rub feet and hands before sleep with a nice moisturizer

  14. Use a sound machine if easily awakened

  15. Get up early to ensure sleepiness by bedtime

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