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Easy Fire Cider

We do a lot of our own body support formulas in our home, using local and foraged herbs and honey or tinctures. However, this fire cider recipe to support a strong immune system makes use of your spice cabinet :)

In a quart mason jar, combine 1 c cider vinegar (we make our own), 1 c lemon juice, and 1 c honey. Shake to mix. To this, add 1T cayenne, 1T ginger,1.5 T turmeric, and 1/4 t black pepper. Shake again and store on the counter throughout the cold/flu season. We use 1-2 T in tea, juice, water, or straight up as a shot whenever we need a boost. Easy peasy and avoids the onion/garlic flavor that turns kids heads away. You can always add powdered garlic or onion or both to this, if preferred. Enjoy!

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