We love our store partners!

Local businesses, like the ones we partner with here, are the backbone of our economy and the fabric of our community here in the Berkshires. They provide goods and services that we rely on, and they create jobs that help our families and neighbors make ends meet.

But local businesses are more than just an essential part of our economy – they’re also the businesses that we know and love. They’re the businesses that we patronize out of convenience, but also out of loyalty. Many have been here for a long time and are a fixture in our memory. Others are newcomers offering a fresh perspective on what’s great about the Berkshires. They’re the businesses that make us feel at home when they ask how we are and mean it. They’re our neighbors, living and raising families alongside us. They invest in our community in what they offer to us and the hours they put into creating a welcoming place of commerce. They provide quality goods and services and choose them with care.  They create job opportunities for you and your upcoming family members to be part of what moves us all forward.  They add character and charm to our neighborhoods and culture because they genuinely care about their customers' and clients' experiences while you are with them.


Take the time to drop in on a few new-to-you local businesses that mean so much to us here. They would love to meet you and you will find treasure in return!


If you know of a local business that would love to host us on a shelf or table, we would be very interested to meet them. Drop us a line with your referral or have them get in contact with us in whatever way is convenient. We are always looking for good people to partner with and refer business to.