I'm Lisa, owner and creator of Things That Work, located

in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.

We are a woman-owned retail operation for local residents and visitors and operate as a wholesale provider,

focusing  on small business in New England, 

like mom & pop shops, historic anchor stores, and important cultural venues.

We work hard to provide reliable, effective, and affordable products for you, your home, and your family.

You can feel good that your purchases help support neighborhood commerce, organizations and charities here

in the Berkshires. 


Our Story

In 2013, I hunted for products with minimal natural ingredients that did what they claimed; and I was surprised the hunt was harder than I expected. If it was affordable, it was ineffective. If it was effective, the product was too complicated or too expensive. I was undaunted because I knew it could be done, even if I had to make it myself, and that's what I did. With a little trial and error, and tweaking basic DIY recipes to ingredients I trusted, it was the beginning of a healthier home life for my family and the birth of Things That Work.

Since then, we have added more stores that carry our products and local events, Covid permitting, where I can meet you and talk about your natural living goals. Many of the creations we offer today were inspired by our loyal users during these conversations.  Making our products as friendly to you as they are to the environment and supporting local businesses in New England are primary goals for us. Whether you find what you need online, meet us in person at a community event, or support one of our retailers, you can be feel good knowing that your purchase is helping support a real family and at least 20 vital businesses in the Berkshires. 

Along with making Things That Work, I am a hobbyist of various interests, including foraging for wild edibles, making teas and tinctures, canning food, small-scale gardening, and fiber work that has extended into a branch of TTW called Harvest Art. If you follow us on social media, you will find a bit of all of this because it's a part of the foundation of Things That Work and the heart of who I am. 

Statements of Practice

We believe in the reduce/reuse/recycle model and practice this in our choice of formulas, packaging, and design. 

We exist to give you natural alternatives for commonly used products to support the health of your body, your family, and your environment.

We scent with essential oils and herbal waters only.

We use BPA-FREE recyclable plastic for our containers while evolving into more friendly options as they become sustainable for TTW.

Our body and home care products are naturally tinted from effective ingredients with no artificial dyes added.

We support local businesses, farmers, shepherds, organizations, and artisans with our products, supplies, and profits. 

We research, design, and manufacture all of our products in-house.

We never test on animals. 

We employ a carbon-neutral delivery service for shipments outside our local area and no cost, contact-free delivery and pickup options.


We are a woman-owned company.