Things That Work

  Natural Home and Body Care

Our Story

Starting as a blog to document products, tips and tricks and diy projects that worked, Things That Work was born in 2014. Discovering and tweaking natural recipes for cleaners, toiletries and beauty products through the blog helped our family tackle allergies, sensitivities and get on the road to health away from controversial ingredients that were common in the products lining our shelves. This turned into a love and a passion to help others learn to make the easy switch to natural alternatives and enjoy peace of mind as they care for their home and body. This passion for "old-fashioned natural" developed further in into a branch of hand arts including Harvest Yarns & Fiber and Harvest Art Silks.

Our Practice

We believe in the reduce, reuse, recycle model and practice this in our choice of formulas, packaging and design of our offerings. 

We exist to give you natural alternative problem-solvers for the health of your body, your family, and your environment.

We scent with essential oils only.

We use BPA-FREE recyclable plastic for our containers.

Our products are naturally tinted from effective ingredients. 

We support local business, farmers, organizations and artisans with our products, supplies and sales. 

We research, design and manufacture all of our own products. 

We never test on animals. 

We are a woman owned business. 

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